Voices from the Margins – Paul

Paul working from his office at the Barbuda Council
Mass development means you need more employees than the citizenry on the island. And this will undermine the whole Barbuda concept of lifestyle. We need small, effective hotels. Small, effective restaurants, and shops that can accommodate our community.  But, right now, our citizens are not comfortable, our citizens are going through a psychological trauma since Hurricane Irma. They appear normal walking by, they appear straight, but when they get out of this public environment and go back to their homes, they are back to that trauma."
An all too common sight in Codrington, Barbuda

Paul, Secretary of the Barbuda Council, was receiving a relentless stream of people enquiring about the progress to their individual re-building requests even as we took this portrait. He could be seen around Codrington noting jobs that were required and greeting residents with a ready smile and words of encouragement to the weary hearted.