Voices from the Margins – Byron

Byron outside the Green door
The Antiguan government is doing what is best for Antigua - to profit from our land. I think with fishing, which is our main industry, weather gets bad and we can't go fishing; but with tourism rising I think that is the way we should go. We have a lot of history for people to learn about, but we don't need these huge hotels and international airports. If it develops on such a huge scale after Irma there would be too many people and we would be out numbered."
Fishing across the lagoon

Byron and his family own the Green Door Tavern, the first night club on the island of Barbuda. An enterprising individual with a wealth of knowledge and generosity, Bryon’s diverse business had been curtailed as a result of hurricane Irma. The Green Door wasn’t operating to its full potential as it had become a storage place for belongings of family members, whilst they undertook repairs on their houses in order to safely inhabit them again. The Green Door was the perfect place to watch the comings and goings with a cold drink, and to listen to the history of the island, its culture and the effects of Irma on the community of Barbuda.